Germicidal 222nm UV Light (GUVL) Controls the Spread of Viruses, Mold & Bacteria in Public Spaces

-From the Admin Desk

Examples of public spaces where Germicidal 222nm UV Light effectively (greater than 99.99%) and rapidly (in seconds or less) reduces the threat of infection from harmful microbial pathogens like viruses, bacteria and toxic mold are listed below. This unique form of UV Light has also been researched and proven safe for use while humans and pets are present. Give your Customers and Clientele the assurance that your business or event space is protected from the spread of viruses and other pathogens. The list includes:



Doctors’ Offices

Surgery Centers

Operating Rooms

Nursing Homes



Sports Events


Entertainment Venues


Street Lights

Shopping Centers

Beauty & Barber Shops

Office Buildings

Fitness Facilities

Private Residences

And many more!!!

Public Bathrooms