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Now that it appears the World Health Organization (WHO) is getting closer to adoption of Germicidal UV-C Disinfection for Covid19- a little incentive to bolster the effort couldn’t hurt- could it? (

Viruses and other microbial pathogens have hung around humans and animals for a billion years. As such, a non-symbiotic (parasitic) relationship has developed wherein the virus is dependent upon a host to survive and spread its’ damage. Viral intelligence has metastasized to a high level of capability of travel by surface and air. In all likelihood- every breathing organism has been affected by microbial pathogens. Depending on the immunity level of the host, pathogens will feed off the human or animal until its’ defense mechanism fights it off, or until the parasite defeats its’ host and moves on to the next vulnerable victim. Although vaccines, protective gear (like facemasks) and other tools help mitigate the damage inflicted by these invisible parasites- microbes have historically managed to stay alive by continuing to get stronger as they mutate into a different and more potent “variant” or “strain”. It’s time to bring the threat posed by these microbial pathogens to a HALT. We can and must adopt the benefits offered by germicidal 222nm far uv-c light technology so our “new normal” can come to fruition- SIMPLY, safely, effectively, quickly and economically.

Are you ready to join the future? Just DO IT! Find out how- contact us by leaving your email address or email us at It is, quite

Author: 1simplyuv

A proven method of addressing the critical challenges we face from the invasion of microbial pathogens like Covid19 is available to us called Germicidal 222nm Ultraviolet Disinfection Lighting (GUVL). It is safe, effective and chemical-free. Simply-UV is ready to help you stay protected. Please leave an email address and we will contact you with details.

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