Persistence of Omicron Variant Points to More Aggressive Solutions: Far UV-C 222nm Lighting

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It’s been called by many names: “Magic Light”, “Goldilocks” and what I call the “Sweet Spot” on the ultraviolet light band of wavelengths- perfectly configured by Mother Nature at 222 nanometers. At this small section on the spectrum- the threat of harm to humans and pets is not a factor- thanks to intensive research performed by some of the leading institutions around the globe. People should be able to gather in public spaces with the assurance that they are protected from the harm posed by microbial pathogens and harm from traditionally used ultraviolet (UV) light at higher wavelengths which damage the eyes and skin. The Omicron variant has placed the world on higher defense, so it’s time to adopt the use of a wonderful technology that can be used in any space occupied by humans and animals. That technology is Far UV-C 222nm light. Contact us today.

Author: 1simplyuv

A proven method of addressing the critical challenges we face from the invasion of microbial pathogens like Covid19 is available to us called Germicidal 222nm Ultraviolet Disinfection Lighting (GUVL). It is safe, effective and chemical-free. Simply-UV is ready to help you stay protected. Please leave an email address and we will contact you with details.

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