Promoting Widespread Adoption of Far UV-C 222nm Light to Mitigate Future Onset of Microbial Pathogens

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Using Far UV-C 222nm light has been shown to significantly reduce pathogens like Covid19 in indoor spaces.

What is “Far UV-C 222nm Light” Technology? Why is it necessary when we have vaccines available?

Ultra-Violet (UV) Light is part of the Electromagnetic Light Spectrum which includes both Visible and Invisible Light and measures in wavelengths. UV Light has 3 spectral categories or “bands” – UV-A (315-400nm), UV-B (280-315nm) and UV-C (100-280nm).

It has been long accepted that UV Light generally has pathogen-fighting capabilities. Higher bandwidths of UV Light were cheaper to use but found to be very harmful to humans and pets. However, years of promising research has confirmed that UV Light at the far end of the “C” UV band at the specific wavelength of 222 nanometers (nm) was the “sweet spot”- the point where microbial pathogens are destroyed while also determined safe for use around humans and animals. This patented technology has been tested and proven in the laboratory to reduce viral load by more than 99% of air and surface pathogens including Covid19, bacteria and antibiotic-resistant superbugs. By achieving the goal of viral load reduction, complete dependence upon unpredictable human behavior would no longer be the formidable challenge we are experiencing. Let’s face it- not everyone will agree to vaccination, social distancing, face-masking, or even a task as simple as proper hand-washing.

UV lighting capable of reliably reproducing a narrow band around 222nm has, until relatively recently, simply not been technically or commercially available, which prevented data from being captured and evaluated for potential applications. In addition, in the pre-COVID-19 era, demand for disinfection of the spaces people occupy was low, as traditional sanitation practices were, with some notable exceptions such as hospital-acquired infections and foodborne illness, able to either effectively mitigate the spread of illness or people had just accepted the risks, even if better solutions were available. Further, most people alive today had not previously faced a global pandemic, and with short memories and/or a fatalistic belief that nothing could be done to eradicate disease, there was less concern or at least a lack of a call to action regarding infectious disease-causing pathogens.

Far UV has been proven to be the safest and most effective evidenced-based disinfection method by leading researchers from Columbia University Medical Center, Johns Hopkins, Harvard, Colorado, St Andrews, Hiroshima, Kobe and countless other reputable academic medical research institutions, corporations, and trade organizations such as ASP, IUVA and ASHRAE.

Light Spectrum Solutions wants to be your premier supplier of products and services representing leading manufacturers in the Far UV-C 222nm Lighting industry.

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A proven method of addressing the critical challenges we face from the invasion of microbial pathogens like Covid19 is available to us called Germicidal 222nm Ultraviolet Disinfection Lighting (GUVL). It is safe, effective and chemical-free. Simply-UV is ready to help you stay protected. Please leave an email address and we will contact you with details.

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